Companies must implement their own and pragmatic search for Operational Excellence addressing the critical dimensions of their particular strategy and moving away from generic methodologies.

Practice is a set of studies and tools "Read " that are executed in three stages of the methodology, from the diagnosis to the obtaining of the results. In each company we design a particular solution and we work with all levels, not just managerial, to ensure that the "ownership" of change and knowledge remains with the client's staff and not with the consultant.

During the First Stage (Diagnosis), a detailed analysis of the current situation is carried out in terms of the state of the Strategy, the agility of critical processes, the design of the organizational structure with which the company carries out its operations and the "Management model" that is used to control daily operations at the commercial, logistics, manufacturing, BackOffice, etc. level. For all the opportunities identified, we quantify their impact on the operational and financial results of the business, so that we can prioritize their order of implementation.

During a Second Stage (Project) we work in close collaboration with all the client's staff, seeking, through teamwork and operational discipline, long-term implementations and culture changes with an impact on immediate results. Our experience and history of success give us the confidence to offer our clients annual returns on investment of a minimum of 2 to 1.

Once the project concludes, the Third Stage is activated. This implies carrying out "implementation audits" 3, 6 and 9 months after completion, thus ensuring that the model does not deviate from the goals achieved.

Building Capacities
During our diagnosis and implementation processes, we always try to build the capacities and behaviors of the teams that help them guarantee the sustainability of new practices and behaviors and that can also contribute to the continuous improvement of results.

Implementation methodology and tools
In all our projects we develop tools tailored to the needs of our clients, in addition to defining key decision points where management can continuously see the progress of the transformation. We maintain direct communication that allows us to guarantee alignment and focus during execution.

Discipline in Execution
Our projects are characterized by a sense of urgency and discipline in taking advantage of opportunities, solving problems and improving processes, we help teams to be able to combine the day-to-day business with a transformation process.

Versatility and Support
For each client, we design a team with skills and experience necessary for the challenge we face. We also work on creating support mechanisms that allow the transformation to be consistent over time and only have space for continuous improvement.

Our services have been created to achieve the Strategic Consolidation and the Sustainability in the long run.