Investment Banking

The strategic growth of our clients demands, more and more often, initiatives of fusion and / or acquisition of companies as well as the search for resources and financial structures to carry them out. Through our Investment Banking division, we accompany our clients in the different stages of this growth, designing tailor-made solutions with highly experienced consultants.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In our experience, the identification and execution of Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) must be an integral part of a company's strategy. They may arise as an opportunity, but they should not be seen as objectives in themselves, but rather as a means through which the company manages to improve its competitive position.

We have advised multiple industries throughout the region, which, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the business environment and transactions in Latin America, allows us to provide strategic solutions to complex non-organic growth options.

Corporate Finance

Our approach is to adapt to the companies needs and objectives, with flexibility and innovation. Our tailor-made support is always aimed at creating value for shareholders. Some solutions in this field include:

Financial Structuring:
A comprehensive analysis of the company to determine borrowing capacity, optimal capital structure, available financing options and other financial strategy decisions that can be implemented.
Issuance and Debt Placement:
We design solutions for debt financing that best match the objectives and needs of the company and shareholders, supporting them throughout the process to obtain the best possible conditions.
Private Placement:
We assist in the identification of financing or investment opportunities between entrepreneurs and private funds, designing, contacting and negotiating each transaction until its closure.
Risk Models and Long Term Financial Planning
We elaborate different analyses and scenarios that allow us to plan the company's finances in the long term, mitigating the potential risks and visualizing how and when strategic decisions must be supported financially.

Our services have been created to achieve Strategic Consolidation and Sustainability in the long term.

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