Corporate Governance and Family Businesses

Family Businesses

Family businesses are faced with the challenge of surviving in the long term and overcoming generational problems and conflicts that may come up within the group that makes it up. Anticipation is the best way to achieve success.

 Esteban Brenes and Krissia Madrigal

Over the last 20 years, our Family Business Consulting division has become a benchmark in Latin America. We have helped more than 100 families across the continent with their problems of succession by identifying and implementing practices that allow them to manage challenges that only family businesses face and that, often, threaten their very existence.

Our process design allows you to sort out the family relationship with the business while focusing on two main objectives: the sustainability and professionalization of the business in the long term, and harmony and happiness in the family. In a relatively short period of time, we manage to establish agreements on issues that are transcendental for the future of them both (family and business). These agreements are formalized in a Family Protocol and then we accompany them in their monitoring and effective implementation.

Corporate Governance

For Latinamerican companies, good corporate governance is the most important factor in strategic execution.


A Board of Directors that applies the good practices of modern Corporate Governance is fundamental to ensure not only that that company stays true to its course, making objective decisions for the business, but also ensures the application of the policies that the family established regarding the company.

In Latin America, the Boards of Directors, which are the central point of all Corporate Governance, are often characterized as not having a defined role or clearly established functions, minimal involvement or, on the other hand, an inconvenient co-management, as well as a lack of discipline and commitment to effective management.

Our Corporate Governance processes correct these problems by evaluating and redefining the general role and the most important specific functions of the Board of Directors as well as the other bodies of good Corporate Governance.

We support the organizations in creating their most suitable Corporate Governance policy, forming the Boards of Directors and committees by recruiting independent directors and even accompanying them in their operation and performance until their consolidation.

Our services have been created to achieve Strategic Consolidation and Sustainability in the long term.

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