It has been proven in many companies and over the years without a doubt that strategy lies in success, but even the most compelling strategy is completely useless if it is not implemented successfully.

The general managers of today's companies, dealing with the complexity of doing business in a global economy, are in many cases too overloaded to keep guiding, monitoring and advising the implementation of their companies' strategy. That is why the problem for many companies is that there is no guide or strategic ally to ensure that your company's strategy takes action.

Today the successful creation and execution of strategy requires not only good processes, but also the ability to execute and implement the right decisions quickly and effectively. That is why the figure of a Business Strategy Guide it becomes momentous.


What is and what does a Business Strategy Guide do?

The business literature identifies this leader as the «Chief Strategy Officer»(CSO), which is in charge of supporting management in the penetration of the strategy within the entire organization and helps employees to see how their work generates said transformation. He is in charge of guiding, monitoring and advising the executors in the change initiatives necessary to carry out the strategy within the company. In addition, it ensures that decisions within the different levels of the organization are aligned with strategic objectives.

Today the successful creation and execution of strategy requires not only good processes, but also the ability to execute and implement the right decisions quickly and effectively.

It is clear, the general management of companies today need a key and close partner to carry the load and maintain control of the strategic transformation process of the business. That guide who understands how to focus the organization on execution, based on strategic planning.

Given this need, an outsourced service has been designed for your company's CSO, precisely called «Chief Strategy Officer«. This is in charge of supporting, in coordination with the CEO of the company, the monitoring of all critical objectives within the operationalization of the strategy, including:

  • Generate a commitment in the execution of strategic plans and projects.
  • Periodically evaluate and through KPI's the achievement of crucially important goals, according to the strategy.
  • Drive fast and effective change.
  • Promote decision-making that support change within the company quickly and effectively.

bac & Asociados the CSO that your company needs.

Today, bac & Asociados is one of the few firms in Latin America highly specialized in Business Strategy. Through practical research and especially working with thousands of executives in hundreds of companies in Latin America, we have perfected our processes to support and provoke the strategic transformation of companies and corporations for more than 25 years.

Based on this experience, we offer the CSO services that your company needs, that key accompaniment to make the execution of the change carried out effectively. Our service is based on complete availability "on call" and also includes the following fundamental responsibilities, within the operationalization and execution processes of the strategy:

Luis Jiménez

MBA with honors from INCAE Business School, specialized in: Innovation Management, Strategy for New Business Models and Technological Disruptions at ESADE Business School, Barcelona. As Project Director at bac & Asociados, he has focused on leading competitive and corporate strategy processes, business valuation, implementation of management information systems and business intelligence, and project management and innovation.