SomosUno is a 100% citizen initiative that aims to unite all sectors of the country under the same slogan: Let's help Costa Ricans who are in the greatest immediate need as a result of the Coronavirus.

No political or proselytizing participation is sought at all, nor do we represent the interests of any company, organization, chamber or sector, whether public or private. It is simply believed that all of Costa Rica must come together to rescue those who need us today.

#SomosUno aims to put on the table as many low-income families as possible that have been directly affected by unemployment and the crisis produced by COVID-19, a supermarket purchase (popularly known as a newspaper) once a month for three months .

The ambitious goal is to reach 100,000 families with an average daily of $100 per month for 3 months.

We know that this initiative will contribute to change the history of many families and, why not, of all of Costa Rica!


Mauricio Mena

MBA with honors from INCAE Business School and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the University of Costa Rica.
Mauricio is Managing Director at bac & Asociados and his passion is to advise the firm's clients in what he calls the evolution and strategic transformation of companies in a world of rapid change and emerging and challenging business models.